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Лифт Арцутанова: с ручной камерой вдогонку за гением
Artustanov's Elevator: With a hand camera in pursuit of a genius
title in Polish language: Winda Artustanowa: Z kamerą w pościgu za geniuszem

Have you ever had tea with Arthur Charles Clarke, the famous science fi ction writer? Artsutanov has. With their eyeglasses, they were sparkling at each other amicably. While working at his last novel, Clarke was inspired by the Artsutanov’s idea of a space elevator.

Festivals at which the film has already participated:
International Film Festival "Message to Man" (St. Petersburg, 2009), Golden Knight International Film Festival (2009), International Film Festival "Open cinema" (St. Petersburg, 2009), International Kansk Video Festival (Kansk 2009), IFF Green Vision (Ecology of the Soul) (St. Petersburg, 2009), IFF Eurasian Television (Moscow 2009 ), IFF No-Festival (Chelyabinsk, 2009), Moscow Festival of short films "The debut film" (Moscow 2009) Russian Short Film Festival "Art-Cinema" (Moscow 2009) IFF " Radiant Angel" (Moscow 2009) Russian film festival "Literature and Cinema" (St. Petersburg 2009) IFF Deboshir-film "(St. Petersburg 2009) IFF" St. Anna "(Moscow, 2009) 52nd International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film DOK Leipzig (Leipzig, Germany, 2009) (International Programme)

Prizes won at festivals:
Moscow festival of short films "The debut film" (Moscow 2009) prize for best documentary prize and Film Critics of Russia. International Film Festival "Green Vision" (Ecology of the soul) (St. Petersburg 2009) Award for the best image of the hero. International Film Festival "Message to Man" (St. Petersburg 2009), the Diploma "For the on-screen incarnation of interesting character. Film Festival "Eurasian Television" (Moscow 2009), a diploma laureate. International Film Festival "No-festival" (Chelyabinsk, 2009), a diploma. Russian Short Film Festival "Art-Cinema" (Moscow 2009) Diploma For the love of people

Biography of the director:
Emelyanova Darya Igorevna   - Darja Yemeljanova student at the St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy. Worked as an assistant director at “Lennauchfi lm” and “Lenfilm” fi lm studios

Director: Emelyanova Darya Igorevna
Scriptwriter: Emelyanova Darya Igorevna
Photography: Emelyanova Darya Igorevna
Editor: -
Producer: Roldugina Ludmila Nikolaevna
Production company:
Genre: Documentary film a portrait
Russia 2009
Time: 14 '


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